Another Monday morning…time for a Monday Listicles link up!

10 Things I Learned in 2012, suggested by Kerstin.

1. Sleep rules all. One never fully understands how important sleep is to be a fully functioning human being, until one has become officially sleep-deprived. I would do nearly anything for sleep, compromise the success of my morning, just for a few more minutes of it. I am like a drug addict. But sadly, I just cannot seem to get my fix.

2. I learned how to blog. Well, technically, I am still learning. The writing part is usually ok, but all the rest of it makes me very anxious, which brings me to…

3. I am even more neurotic than I thought. Writing publicly, social-networking, and submitting pieces of my writing for online publication has brought out my inner head-case. It has never been a secret to me that I am neurotic, but  I find that I have surprised even myself with the depths of my neuroses these past six months as a blogger.

4. Little girls can be mean. I have been wholly unprepared for the emotional drama of mean little five and six year olds. We had some very unfortunate encounters with my daughter’s little “besties” this past year. The ferocity of my loyalty and protectiveness towards her has shown me that…

5. My mama bear claws are sharp. That’s right pint sized b-tches. Step off.

6. If you are going to practice yoga, it is better to do it regularly. I used to be awesome at yoga, but my lengthy hiatus due to offspring #2  left me tired, achy, and nearly crippled when I dipped my toe back into the Zen waters. I tried to bring said spawn to mom and baby yoga, but…

7. It is not fun going to Baby and Me Yoga with a mobile baby. Don’t be fooled, it may say it is for 6 week olds to 12 month olds, but how are you supposed to get your yoga on when you are springing up from Downward Dog every thirty seconds to prevent your child from clawing out the eyes of an unsuspecting newborn? Not fun. Not relaxing. Much better to take a baby who still resembles a pile of mush.

8. I learned how to Tweet. Nothing I can say here about the humiliating and sweat-producing experience of navigating Twitter is as funny as the lovely Kate, so check out her Listicles here..

9. I learned that no matter which hairstyle I choose, I will never be truly happy with it. Yes, that sounds shallow, but hair is my “thing.” I have gone back and forth from shoulder length to pixie, and I am currently landing on pixie. It seems that the grass is always more stylish and lower maintenance on the other side.

My short ‘do: Whaddya think?

10. I learned that making online friends really IS like making new real friends! If there is one thing that joining the blogosphere community has given me that I didn’t see coming, it is that I actually feel connected to y’all. Pretty awesome. Thanks for welcoming me into this community!

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