My mother is the queen of thank you notes. Actually, she is the queen of any kind of note, thank you or otherwise. Over the years, people have gone out of their way to mention how moved they have been by a card she wrote: her colleague whose father had passed away earlier in the year, appreciating a note my mom sent six months after his death acknowledging that she still remembered; my daughter’s first grade teacher expressing gratitude for a complimentary note my mom sent; a friend whose birthday she never forgets… she puts me to shame.

Today I am writing an Open Thank You Note to a handful of friends who have extended small acts of kindness to me, the magnitude of which I haven’t forgotten.

Thank you, friend: 

  • For coming over with a caramel apple pie as soon as you heard my bad news.
  • For drinking mimosas with me at 10:00 am on a Wednesday and reassuring me that I am not alone, nor am I a “bad mother”.
  • For driving me to the doctor when I was too sick to drive myself.
  • For having “breastfeeding playdates” with me when our babies were still young, and helping me to slowly feel like a normal human being again.
  • For keeping 15 years worth of all my deepest secrets. You know my lips are sealed, too.
  • For bringing me a latte from Starbucks even though you had no idea how tired I was that morning.
  • For encouraging me and giving me the confidence to move forward with my writing. Even though I haven’t met you “In Real Life”, I consider you a true friend.
  • For revising your vision of Girls Night, and happily spending a Friday evening on the couch with me and my six year old, watching The Little Mermaid and eating popcorn.
  • For being a part of my Moms Group, a circle of women who have kept me sane over the past four years with our monthly meetings, wine, desserts, laughter, and shared tears. You have made me a better mother, wife, and person.
  • For witnessing 27 years worth of my highs and lows, and loving me always- I treasure this oldest friendship in my life.
  • For laughing hysterically with me in the Target fitting room as I try on the least flattering pair of pants ever made.
  • For alleviating my isolation throughout my ambivalent blogging experience, and assuring me that you too are an Awkward Tweeter.
  • For providing me with your therapy services, all for the price of a haircut and color.
  • For giving me the best backrub I have ever had the day after I gave birth to my oldest daughter.

PicMonkey Thank youCollage

Girlfriends are essential.  Here is our challenge to you: Write a 1-2 sentence “Thank you card” to one of your friends- any friend- and leave it in the comments. No friend names required! Or join in the fun on my Facebook page, and if you’re feeling brave, share it with your friends!

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