That reads ON my fridge, definitely not in it. The contents of my fridge make me squirm, at the moment.

But the fantastic artwork that adorns our refrigerator seems to perfectly capture our life as a family right now. So perhaps this will become a regular segment.

Item #1:
A love note to my daughter from her six year old  boyfriend. 

I LOVE that he refers to her as his BFF. Sure hope her husband does too, one day.

Happy that the old “Me and so and so” sitting in a tree chant still exists.

Also, he drew a princess for her. How sweet. This is her third “boyfriend” since she began kindergarten a year ago. I fear for our sanity when she becomes a teenager.

Item #2
A drawing of her 1st grade weekend report

Every Monday the kids draw a picture and tell a story re-capping something memorable and significant from their weekend. We had just visited the pumpkin patch, so that seemed like an obvious choice. Instead of focusing on the fun we had picking out pumpkins or having caramel apples, she chose to depict the incident where she fell down and got five or six burrs stuck in her hands. (My husband calls them “goatheads” whatever that means. Burrs. That’s what they’re called.)

Look at that hilarious expression on her face! And the burrs in her hands! HA!

Item #3
A story she wrote in class about a baby horse and its mommy. The mommy dies. WTF?

My mom volunteered in Izzy’s classroom when she was in town last month. As a retired teacher, she was pretty excited to be a literacy helper for the day. When she returned home, she reported that the kids were writing “adventure stories”, in which there was to be a pronounced conflict and resolution. To her chagrin, and mine, most of the children chose someone dying or going to jail as their “conflict.” (Sidenote: when I raised this concern at her conference a few weeks ago, her lovely teacher reassured me that this was normal. Kids that age see things very much in black and white. OK. But still…)

Here is her story about the mommy horse who was killed when a firework fell on top of her. Good Lord.

This shows the part of the story where the firework “kild her” and then adds, “She was happy in hven.” FYI:  We don’t spend much time discussing heaven and the afterlife in our house, so she definitely picked this up at school. 
This is her teacher’s feedback. Wonderful? Really? That seems like a stretch.

So, that does it for this week’s edition of “Awesome Stuff on my Fridge.” Anyone else have anything awesome on their fridge right now?

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