Today is my six year old daughter Izzy’s last installment as my guest blogger for the week. She would like to thank you for the positive response to her interviews, and thanks to several requests, Izzy will be making a monthly appearance on Mommy’s blog! I hope you won’t be too disappointed when I return tomorrow to host Finish the Sentence Friday… This week’s sentence is: “You want to know what I think of social media? I think…”

Today’s interview topic was: “What are some good and bad things about being a big sister?”

I took Izzy out to a local bakery called Cheesecake Therapy and we sat down like grown-up ladies to chat about sisterhood.
Izzy: The thing that is bad about being a big sister is having to watch your little sister say bye-bye to her poop.
Me: (laughing hard. Sophie has started pooping on the toilet, and her favorite part is flushing and waving goodbye to it.) I see. What else?
Izzy: Same thing with pee.
Me: Why don’t you like that?
 It’s poop. It’s disgusting. 

Me: What else don’t you like? What frustrates you?
Izzy: When she has to play in my room. She messes up stuff.
Me: How do you feel when she does that?
Izzy: Sad. Because she messes up stuff.
Me: Didn’t you once say that you wanted to share a bedroom with her? Did you change your mind?
Izzy: (deflecting) Well…well… I would put a rope across my stuff so she couldn’t get it.
Me: Mm-hmm.
Izzy: Things I like about my sister. When she…uhh….uh…uh…let’s see… When she goes to bed.
Me: (wrinkling face in disgust) Why?
Izzy: So I can get ready for bed. (Begins singing a made-up song: “Because I love reading more than I love playing with her. Because my si-i-st-er can be sort of annoy-ing-guh!” Are you ready for the other answer?
Me: Yep.
Izzy: I like it when (still singing) she falls into a deep sleep.
Me: Come on! Seriously- what makes you happy?
Izzy: When I get to drop her off at daycare.
Me: (throwing notebook down)
Izzy: Begins to sing, “I like to be a big sister! Sophie doesn’t have a clue….what she can do…I like to be a sister!
Me: What’s that smell?
Izzy: Me tooting. There’s one thing I really like. When Sophie says, “Toot toot.” Is that a good one? Ok, can we move on to the next level? I also want to say who are my best friends.
Me: What?
Izzy: I’m done talking about being a big sister. (Singing) “It’s my choice!) (pacing around bakery)

Izzy elegantly eating some gourmet cheesecake.

Izzy elegantly eating some gourmet cheesecake.

Me: Um, come back. Tell me one nice, serious, mature thing.
Izzy: When she kisses me? One more thing- can I say what makes me feel proud? I feel proud when Sophie does something good. When she says bye-bye to people.
Me: Besides pee and poop, what’s don’t you like about being a big sister?
Izzy: Watching her.
Me: What do you mean? Like when I ask you for help? How is that hard?
Izzy: (Singing and dancing in my face, wearing my sunglasses.) “I wanna be a grown-up…taking care of things…drive a ca-ah…gonna go fa-ah…”

This interview is over. 

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