BH13-150-goingIn honor of BlogHer ’13, the biggest blogging conference around, which is happening right now in Chicago, our Finish the Sentence Friday topic is,

The best and worst things about blogging are…

Well. I could go on and on all day about this. I’ve written a lot about my love/hate relationship with blogging, including a post about why I started blogging, and why I continue to blog. I am actually at the BlogHer conference right now, a fact that is kind of blowing my mind. It has been about 13 months since I started blogging, and I’m happy to break down the best and worst parts of it, according to me.

The Best Parts of Blogging

  • The instant outlet for emotion, frustration, and brainstorming. It allows you to “write out loud” in many ways. 
  • While it is beneficial to find “your voice” and maybe even “brand yourself,” you have a lot of freedom when you blog. You can also use “excessive” quotation marks and nobody is going to “yell” at you. (But they may get irritated and stop following you. I may have just lost a dozen readers.) One day, you can write a hilarious story about catching a handful of your kid’s poop in a department store, and the next you can speculate about whether or not American kids have too much self-esteem.  It is liberating to be able to write humorously (I hope) and also focus on subjects that are heavier, all in one week. In fact, you know how people have those two line descriptions as their email signatures or Twitter profiles? I think I’m going to change mine to this:

Stephanie Sprenger
Writer, Humorist, Seriousist

(What do you think? Too much?)

  • The connection to other bloggers. In fact, I am meeting some of my very favorite bloggers right now in real life. That makes me giddy. All in one weekend, I get to spend time with Kate, Katia, Deb, JulieCarisa, Sarah, and Jen, and that’s only to name a few! I feel that many of the women I have yet to stand face to face with have already become true friends, and that feels pretty fantastic. 

The Worst Parts of Blogging

  • It is so time consuming. Sure, it doesn’t have to be, but I’m a perfectionist, and I don’t spend time doing things badly. (Please reserve all of your judgments about the quality of this post for a later date, m’kay?) I take my blog seriously, and writing, editing, publishing, and promoting posts is a lot of work. The other significant part is the connections. (See above paragraph about all my blog buddies.) Forming and maintaining relationships with other bloggers means that you devote time to reading and supporting each other’s work. Which brings me to:
  • The guilt. My LTYM piece in May was titled, “The Guilt, The Crippling Mommy Guilt!” I think I will be working on another post: “The Guilt, The Crippling Blogger Guilt!” I feel so bad when I have busy weeks and I am not able to read, comment, and share as many posts as I’d like to. (Ahem. I am experiencing major guilt about the fact that I am at the conference today and have zero chance of reading anyone else’s FTSF posts. Feel free to skip this post since I am unable to return the favor for at least a few days. Oops, too late, you’re almost done now.) I feel like I am neglecting my duties. And most people who do a crappy job at work get fired. Which brings me to:
  • It feels like I am working a second job. A job that doesn’t pay me. Sure, there are some rich bloggers out there, but how many do you know? And how likely is it that you are able to turn blogging into a paying full time job? Once again, it’s all about balance. Balancing the time I spend on my blog with my other goals, and trying to find a way to integrate blogging into my life in a way that makes me feel comfortable. Nobody likes a workaholic, and the last thing I want to do is sacrifice other aspects of my life. 

So there you have it. Blogging is a beautiful thing, and it is also crazy-making. If I am lucky, I am learning at this very second about ways to make my blogging experience a little better, more balanced, and more successful. And if you promise to forgive me for being out of the FTSF loop today, I’ll teach you all the stuff I’ve learned when I get back!


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