Listen To Your Mother Boulder is in just over a week! Do you have your tickets yet? We just had our dress rehearsal earlier this week, and wow, what a great night! We got to hear everyone’s not-to-be-missed stories again, and we had the opportunity to take some photos, too!

We maybe had a little too much fun with our photo session . . .

Stephanie & Ellen sporting our LTYM-wear

We’re attempting to do LTYM– like YMCA? Too much?

And of course the best part was getting to hear these stories again– I got actual chills after listening to the whole show! We’ve had a lot of people ask lately: “Would non-mothers enjoy the stories?” And the answer is YES! LTYM is about the power of storytelling and sharing pieces of ourselves: our physical and mental health, family bonds, cringe-worthy memories, our identities, and the vulnerability that makes us human. LTYM Boulder is for everyone!

Tracy at the podium

Andi on stage

Huge thanks to our hyper local sponsors:  the Joy CollectiveBirth Center of Boulder,  JJ Wells Clothing, Sassafras Photography, The Dova CenterPostpartum Wellness CenterShredder Urban Ski and Snowboard Park,  J Lounge Spa, Maitri Yoga, Golden Cliffs Chiropractic & Divine Healing Reiki, Catherine Davis Allstate Agency, The Wellbeing Path, ONEHOPE wine,  Brighter Day Floral Design, and Ladder Creative. You can learn all about this year’s dynamic sponsors in our recent blog post. They offer the community so much, including gorgeous clothing, inspiring yoga, body and energy work, gymnastics and indoor ski/snowboard classes for kids, relaxing spa services, and more. 

Don’t forget about the sponsor party across the street from the show at Birth Center of Boulder, from 5-6:30! Join our amazing sponsors for complimentary wine and snacks, and then we’ll see you at the show! Grab your tickets here.

Stephanie & Ellen

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