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On The Washington Post’s On Parenting:
It’s Possible That Sending Your Child to Middle School Is Worse Than Going Yourself
I Guess I’m Raising a “Tomboy”

On Motherly:
Are You Supposed to “Just Know” When Your Family’s Complete?
Disagree with Your School’s Homework Policy? Speak Up.

On Motherwell Magazine:
Fertility Is Not a Competitive Sport

On the Huffington Post:
Archives for Stephanie Sprenger

On Brain, Child Magazine:
September 2015 Issue: Debate: Should Children Have Homework in Elementary School?
They Are Not Half Sisters
Motherhood Comes Easily to Me; Motherhood Does Not Come Easily to Me

The Last Easter Dress
The Rise and Fall of the Single Moms Club

On Redbook.com
I’m the Mommy Who Swears

On Good Housekeeping.com
I Don’t Feel Guilty About Vacationing Without My Kids

On Cosmopolitan.com
I Stopped Wearing Makeup for My Daughters
My Husband’s Response to My Miscarriage Strengthened Our Marriage

On Mamalode:
Play With Me, Mommy!
Mean Mommy

On Scary Mommy:
She’s Not an Asshole, She’s Just a Three-Year-Old
5 Signs You May Or May Not Be Pregnant
10 Ways To Help Your Friend Who’s a New Mom

10 Signs You Have Adult Imposter Syndrome

On The Mid:
What Happened When I Tried to Give My Kids a 1980s Summer
Saying Goodbye to My Childhood Home

In the Powder Room:
Marijuana Is the New Red Wine
My Dirty Little Secret

On BlogHer:
The Awkward Blogger

On Mamapedia:
Why Homework in Elementary School is a Bad Idea
Parenting Double Standards
Are We Better Off Than Our Mothers?
Raising Sisters
Why Are People Uncomfortable With Profanity?

Mommy Guilt
5 Reasons I Never Want To Eat At a Restaurant With My Children Again
5 Ways to Ensure More Sex From Your Baby’s Mama

On Mile High Mamas:
The Un-Fun Mommy

On Role/Reboot:
Why It’s Important To Talk About Pregnancy Loss

On Project Underblog:
Hi, I’m Stephanie, and My Children Annoy Me

On Power of Moms:
Mommy’s Monday Meltdown
Even Mommies Make Mistakes
A Moment of Positivity
Three Strategies for Keeping Your Cool

On Families In The Loop:
Teaching Gratitude and Not Greed
Am I Raising A Quitter?
Why I’ll Miss My Daughter’s Princesses
Children’s Friendships: To Intervene or Not To Intervene?

On Girlfriendology:
How to Support Your New Mom Friends