Well, dear readers, something incredible happened to me last week. Perhaps I am overstating it a bit, but I would be lying if I said I was anything but thrilled to receive the above blog award, The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award, bestowed on me by my wonderful blog friend Kate, of Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine. Go read her blog, right now, she is hilarious. Do it. I’ll wait.
So, I had heard another mommy in the blogosphere describe blog awards as something like chain letters, in that they have “rules” and then you pass it on to someone else. 
Be that as it may, it did not dampen my enthusiasm for receiving such an award. Truth be told, I had been moping around a bit, like a wallflower cradling the silent phone in her lap, waiting for my own turn, while all my fellow bloggers got a plethora of awards to display with pride.
Well, friends, now it is my turn, and I promise not to let you down- I shall follow the rules to a tee. The first stipulation is that I share 7 facts with you that you may not already know about me. Fortunately for us all, I am AWESOME at talking about myself. 
So here goes:
1. I have an amazing memory. Seriously. I teach music classes for little kids, and I see about 110 kids each week, with groups changing every month or two, and I have done so for the past 12 years. Not only do I remember each child’s name in my class every week, but I can still remember kids I had a decade ago. Not to brag, or anything. Actually, I love remembering stuff, and I am a bit of a nostalgia junkie. Oh, maybe that should be its own thing, huh? So…
2. I am a nostalgia junkie. I could lose myself for days going through old photo albums, letters, and most problematic, my old journals. They make me cringe, but they are honest and vivid. I guess I have always had a penchant for writing memoir.
3. I suck at all sports. So, I am 5 foot 11, and I spent the majority of my high school career fielding inquiries such as, “Oh, you must play basketball!” and “Are you on the volleyball team?” I would respond with, “No I do music. I’m in band and choir,” and trying to refrain from informing them that I suffer from chronic “afraid of the ball syndrome,” a condition that crossed all individual sport lines. Except tennis, which I guess I kind of like. 
4. I won lots of spelling bees as a child. I guess this ties into the previous disclosure, confirming the fact that I was in fact, quite nerdy. I’ll tell you what, though, aside from making me feel self-conscious and awkward, my lack of athletic abilities has not impeded my success as a functioning adult, and my spelling skills have come in very handy.
5. I am the best food order-er ever. If you want to come to a restaurant with me, be prepared to either copy my order or suffer from Food Envy. I have a knack for ordering the best thing on the menu. My menu radar never disappoints. My ordering skills rival Meg Ryan’s in When Harry Met Sally.
6. One of my favorites hobbies is to quote movies, especially with my brother. When we sit around the dinner table at extended family gatherings, we annoy entertain everyone with our brilliant movie quoting repartee. 
7. When I am excited, I clap my hands with delight. I am not embarrassed by this proclivity, I find it helps me stay in touch with my inner child. A word to the wise- never neglect your inner child! 
Wearing cat ears and eating candy also helps feed my inner child
So there you have it- I hope you have enjoyed this enlightening experience. I will be back soon with our regularly scheduled programming.
Oh, one last thing- the last condition of this award is to pass along the honor to another deserving blogger. So, today, I pass the torch to the talented and inspiring Michelle of They Call Me Mummy. She has a big heart and always has a great message for her readers. Hop on over there and become her fan!
Until next time!
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