HSProject Large Button Collage2Today I am sharing a post I wrote for The HerStories Project about the connection between personality types and mothering style. I read a fascinating book, MotherStyles: Using personality types to learn to parent from your strengths, by Janet P. Penley, that was extremely validating and helpful. The theory is that understanding our personality types, based on the Myers-Briggs model, can help us to better understand our specific strengths and challenges as mothers.

I devoured this book, and learned a lot about myself- why certain things come easily to me as a mother, why I struggle with other aspects, and how I interact with my husband and daughters, based on each of their personality types.

I would love it if you would hop over and check it out! Read: How Personality Type Affects Your Mothering Style over at The HerStories Project website.

While you’re over there, make sure to check out the fantastic friendship essay we featured on Monday from Kelly at My Soulful Home. The Goats is a short, uplifting essay about finding your “herd” in motherhood.

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