So for this morning’s Monday Listicles, I am going to do a hybrid list. I LOVE Stasha’s suggestion of 10 Things I Have No Intention of Changing in 2013- take that, New Year’s Resolutions! I am also indebted to a couple of great friends whom I was lucky enough to dine with last week (without kids!) These two lovely ladies, throughout our dinner and bottle of wine, encouraged me to include our awesome wine-inspired Ideas for Customized T-Shirts for Moms in my next list.  Thanks T & E for the inspiration, and hopefully other people will think we are as funny and brilliant as we believe ourselves to be!

So, to start, I already shared my aspirations for 2013 here;  in contrast, here are a few things I have NO intention of doing differently next year.

1. I shall continue to laugh in the face of fashion and wear loungewear at least 2/3 of the day.

2. I will solemnly promise to carry on with my quest to prioritize “me time” even when I feel like I am being a selfish slacker mom. Otherwise, I will have to check myself into the Nuthouse. I will accomplish this objective, even if it means…

3. I will continue to let my children watch TV daily. Sometimes this is the only way I can stay sane, prepare meals, finish my breakfast, or get any blogging done. So be it.

4. I will continue to be irreverent. With my posts and in real life, I will tell it like it is, be a smart-ass, and disregard the consequences of not always following the crowd. So, to further illustrate this point, I will now share the somewhat off-topic T-shirt slogan ideas my girlfriends and I discussed the other night over dinner. A few are funny, and then just to keep you all on your toes, I will throw in a few deep ones. I’m nothing if not versatile.

5. 7:30 is the new 10:00 This one was inspired by our annual holiday party, in which nearly every single adult- with or without children- had vacated the premises by 7:30. And it felt late. 

6. My kid dresses herself I wanted to don this T-shirt when my 3 year old started preschool and all the other kids had hair that was styled, clothes that matched, and shoes on the correct feet. I overcame this self-conscious nonsense in a few weeks, and I no longer care that both of my children often look weird. But sometimes, my one year old looks just a little too weird, and these are the days I am tempted to put on a T-shirt that reads:

7. My husband dressed my kid today Enough said.

The height of our experimental fashion days.

Ok, the last three are perhaps as bit more serious in nature, in that they are relationship-oriented. Sometimes when girlfriends get together and tell their stories, these topics tend to come up, so our last three T-shirt slogans had to do with husbands -the good, the bad, and the….worse.

8. Dear hubby, My life would be much more hellish without you in it. This statement was uttered in all seriousness, almost casually, by a mama who was genuinely expressing her feelings about her well-intentioned husband. Well, hey, sometimes making someone’s life a little less hellish is the best you can do. Or at least not making it more hellish.

9. If I am going to be the only grown-up in the house, I want to be the only grown-up in the house. So this one is decidedly less funny, in that this statement arose from a woman who desperately needed to get a divorce. The good news is, she did and it all turned out great, but this wise mama has repeatedly returned to this phrase to inspire other gals to aim a bit higher in their own marriages.

10. What would you tell “movie you” to do? Ok, kind of an existential bit of wisdom here designed for someone who may be at a crossroads, but the basic idea is, If you were watching yourself in a movie right now, what would you say to you? Perhaps you might be shouting at yourself to stop running up the stairs when you should be running out the front door. Get the idea? Sometimes it’s hard to give ourselves the necessary perspective when we are in a rut.

*Spoiler alert! Stay tuned tomorrow when I will be linking up with the incomparable Ninja Mom and her Character Assassination Carousel! A certain blonde nitwit will be featured in my below-the-belt post- come back and check it out!

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