Is it seriously Monday again? Time for my Monday Listicles link-up, with a food theme brought to us by Bridget.

I have a daughter with the croup right now, so I apologize if this list is crap. Or crouppy. The puns just keep on coming when you haven’t slept for two nights and have a permanent coughing soundtrack in your home. If the little one gets it too, so help me. It’s a good thing I was on a roll last week and pre-wrote like four posts. Sometimes I think I am a bit psychic, so perhaps last week my subconscious told me this week was going to suck big-time, and I better have some backup material prepared.

Ahem, I digress.

1. I hate tomatoes. Yes, I love tomato sauce, pasta, pizzas, etc. I can handle roasted tomatoes, too, if they are in some kind of dish. But I will not eat raw tomato in a salad.

2. I make some killer eggnog pancakes. Today, I made a fancy eggnog whipped cream to go on top of them, even though I knew I would be the only member of my family to eat it and it was technically a waste. It blew my mind, it was that good.

3. I am a connoisseur of sweet potato fries. They are a food that really makes me feel good about myself. You know, potassium and all that.

4. I told you guys last week that I am the best food order-er ever. Here is one of my favorite dishes at my local family-owned Italian restaurant: Rigatoni with Italian sausage in a tomato cream sauce. Hell. Yes. You really can’t go wrong with a tomato cream sauce. (I know it’s weird that I just said I didn’t like tomatoes, but don’t forget about that bit about still liking tomato sauce, ok?)

5. My favorite breakfast food to make besides fancy pancakes (strictly a weekend food) is steel cut oatmeal. I put a bunch of delicious stuff in it, like golden ground flax, brown sugar, berries, and sometimes I even stir in a little peanut butter. Like the sweet potato fries, it makes me feel like I am doing something good for myself.

6. I LOVE milkshakes. But really only in the summer. In the winter I indulge myself with hot chocolate instead of ice cream. I trust my body and its spot-on seasonally appropriate food instincts.

7. Hey, speaking of, here’s my philosophy on food: I would really like to be a healthy, physically fit person. In general, I am one. I don’t think it’s a great idea to dump a whole bunch of garbage into the temple that is my body. (Not trying to sound overly cheeky with that one.) But I am not one to put black and white restrictions on myself, and I find I do better when I am being moderate about food. You know, make good choices in general, but don’t make myself feel guilty for having those eggnog pancakes and stuff.

8.  My husband HATES it when people take pictures of their food and post it on Facebook. To be funny, he took a picture of our daughter’s high chair tray that was smeared with an unappealing array of mashed disgusting-ness and wrote something snarky to allude to his opinion.

This is what he posted on his FB page: “I see your plate of (insert picture of some food you got at a 1/2 star restaurant here ) and raise you a pile of sh*t on a plastic tray.” Clever guy, no?

9. Today for lunch I had a bag of cookies. While I was getting my hair cut. We were pressed for time, having just come from a. the Urgent Care where our 6 year old was diagnosed with croup and b. An ill-timed cookie exchange in which I had to make 8 dozen cookies. But now, I have 8 dozen different kinds of cookies. Not counting the 3 dozen I had leftover from Friday. Hence, my lunch.

10. I realize that in my last list I referred to my fantastic Oreo Balls (did I not mention the Peanut Butter balls as well? An oversight.) The fact that I am mentioning them again should let you know just how wonderful they are. And because I am so generous, I will now provide you with the recipes. You’re welcome, Kate.

Oreo Balls
1 pkg Oreo cookies
1 block cream cheese
white chocolate baking squares- 2 pkgs
Working in batches of 6-10 Oreos, crush entire package of Oreos in food processor or blender. Soften cream cheese at room temperature or in microwave for a few seconds. Mix crushed Oreos with cream cheese. (You will probably have to use your hands!) Form balls out of Oreo/cream cheese mixture and place on cookie sheet covered in waxed paper. Let chill in fridge for 30-60 minutes. After removing from fridge, melt white chocolate baking squares and dip Oreo balls until covered. Let chill again in fridge.
Peanut Butter Balls
(I almost always double this recipe when I make it)
1 cup PB
½ stick melted butter
1 cup powdered sugar
1 ½ cups rice krispies
semi-sweet chocolate baking squres
Mix all ingredients except last together. Form into rounded balls and place on waxed paper covered cookie sheet. Let chill in fridge for 30-60 minutes. Melt chocolate baking squares and dip peanut butter balls until coated. Let chill again in fridge.
*Baker’s note: I have recently discovered a trick for keeping my hands free of sticky PB mixture and my mouth free of profanity. Spray hands with Pam and dust with powdered sugar. Keep a measuring cup of powdered sugar at hand to re-coat hands several times during ball-rolling process. 
Enjoy my favorite treats!
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