I am excited to tell you about my brand-new series: ParentZ Bop, an opportunity for you to rewrite your favorite songs from the perspective of a parent. Confused? Allow me to explain. A few months ago, my hilarious friend and blog comrade, Jean of Mama, Schmama, rewrote the Anna Kendrick hit “Cups” and changed it to “Sippy Cups: A Song For Parents.” She sent the lyrics over to me, and I performed it on You Tube. In case you missed it, you can check it out right now:

Jean’s clever idea got me thinking- sure, she is unusually witty and articulate, but if she came up with alternate lyrics for popular songs, I bet other parents would want to do the same thing!  So I’m presenting you with a challenge: rewrite a well-known song with your own lyrics about life as a parent, and I’ll perform it in a video! You don’t have to be a blogger to participate, but if you are, I’ll give you a shout-out with a post on my blog, and you can write your own post sharing your lyrics and the video of me singing your song. To make it legit, here’s a fun graphic you can use!

ParentZ BopThe sky’s the limit: redo new songs like “What does the MOM say?” or put your own spin on classics like “You gotta fight…for your right… to POTTY (with the door closed)”. Nothing’s off limits here- share your stories of public meltdowns, sleepless nights, potty training disasters, or family mealtime! If I can’t play the song on the guitar, I’ll use piano or improvise with my stellar collection of rhythm instruments.

In case you are doubtful of my skills and need a visual resume, here are some more clips of my ahem, “work.”

Here I am with an original piece, “The Mother’s Day Blues,”

And here I am singing “The 12 Days of HerStories,” written to celebrate the launch of our new book in December.

Have an idea but not sure if it’ll work? Send me a message on Facebook or Twitter, or email me using the Contact Me form at the top.


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