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We had yet another snow day yesterday. I, like many of you, am so done with winter. I am, and have always been, a total sun worshipper. There is nothing I crave more than sitting on the beach with a book, a cocktail, and the sun’s rays pounding my skin.  I enjoy pondering the question,

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

It evokes such freedom of imagination, picturing yourself somewhere that may be impractical or logistically impossible, a place that may end up in actuality being lonely, or expensive, or more tedious than you originally thought. It’s still fun to fantasize! I love where we live- Colorado- for its climate, beauty, opportunities for exploration, not to mention the community we live in and the life we have carved out for ourselves.

But, in the spirit of the fantasy question and in light of my current distaste for the fourteen degree weather here, my answer would have to be: Grand Cayman.

I am a beach lover, and adore the idea of living near the ocean. I have been to a handful of fantastic beaches in my life: Playa del Carmen, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Paradise Island Bahamas, Jamaica, Florida…but I think the most beautiful one would have to be in the Cayman Islands. The color of the ocean and the impeccably soft beaches make it a real-life paradise. OK, I’m crying a little now. I would give anything for a Mojito, a mindless novel, and 8 hours of sunbathing with the husband.

Though we have been to Mexico several times with our oldest daughter, prior to her sister’s birth, and we spent last spring break in Florida, it’s been awhile since we had a straight-up beach vacation. I am longing for the next opportunity to bask in the sun, undisturbed by anything, listening to the soothing repetition of the crashing waves. Here are some of our highlights from past beach excursions:

PicMonkey Beach Collage

In my Cayman Island fantasy world, my husband could do some kind of boat-thing to earn a living (he’s from Miami, after all, and has the skills) while I spent the day sunbathing and writing, being a famous author of course. The kids? Who knows! I’m sure they could go to school, help Daddy on the water, fetch Mommy her cocktails, and become professional sand-castle sculptors. All right, back to reality- time to shovel some snow. (Who am I kidding? I haven’t shoveled in years! Thanks, hubby!)

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