Today was a good day. I ate lunch, unloaded the dishwasher, showered (albeit at 3pm, but hey, we do what we can), read for 20 minutes, did a load of laundry, and spent an entire delicious hour on the computer! Unfortunately not all days are as productive, so here are some strategies for making the most of the limited time you have.

1. Using the bathroom: allow baby to crawl around in shower until you have finished doing your business

2. Using the computer: encourage baby to pull out every piece of paper in the recycle basket under the desk

3. Unloading the dishwasher: dump out the contents of the tupperware cupboard for baby to amuse herself

4. Putting laundry away: allow baby to pull all books off the night table book shelf

5. Putting books away: look away while baby pulls clean clothes out of the drawers

6. Stretching: carry one as if baby was not in fact sucking on your toes

7. Drying your hair: ignore your suspicion that sucking on a Barbie doll’s head is not an appropriate diversion for baby.

8. Read for 30 minutes straight: nurse baby to sleep, then read in dark on e-reader while baby sleeps on you…much too risky to put her down so you can clean up the kitchen!

9. Watch an entire episode of an adult television program of your choice: just kidding. A girl can dream, though!

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