My favorite mamas and I are linking up today to bring you our very own Red Carpet fashions! During award season, it’s impossible to avoid the question, “Who are you wearing?” When you’re a mom, particularly one of small children, the question might more aptly be, “Whose breakfast are you wearing?” Glam is not really our thing.

In the spirit of the #365FeministSelfie movement, we’re getting real and bringing you our very own Red Carpet Motherhood Selfies. But before I tell you what I’ll really be wearing on Oscar night, I’m going to address a pressing fashion dilemma: What if you can’t enjoy the awards show from the privacy of your own couch, alone with your husband? What if you are attending or (gasp) hosting a party that night?  A few weeks ago I introduced my brilliant party attire alternative for tired mamas- remember #Sweatchic? Let me jog your memory:


(OK, so it’s not a “selfie” per se…but close enough.)

The concept behind #sweatchic is simple- pajamas, yoga pants, sweats, T-shirts paired with fancy jewelry and dazzling makeup. For the weary mother who is hosting her very own Oscar Party, it’s the best of both worlds! Way to be a trendsetter, mama!

Back in the day, I had killer Oscar parties every year. With an actual “red carpet” courtesy of JoAnn Fabrics, an establishment you might assume I now frequent more regularly as a mother of two. (You would be wrong.) We wore fancy clothes, made appetizers, insisted that each guest vote for their predicted winners, and then awarded a statue to the winner. (I totally won most of the time. Because, duh.)

These parties were epic, complete with after-party late night strolls to a local bowling alley in our finery.  I loved getting dressed up and wearing my long-lasting dramatic lipstick. These days, though I still may revel in a high-quality waterproof mascara and tinted moisturizer, getting dolled up just isn’t happening.

But for this year’s festivities, even #sweatchic is too much work for this mama. I plan on wearing the following while I watch the Oscars on my couch:

  • Those exact sweatpants- they truly are inimitable.
  • That same T-shirt- we call it “Mommy’s uniform” in these parts.
  • My glasses
  • Slippers
  • A heated neck wrap filled with aromatic beans or something, fresh from the microwave. I have many aches and pains.
  • 1-2 comfortable assorted throw blankets

Here is what I will not be wearing:

  • A bra
  • Anything with buttons
  • Makeup
  • Shoes
  • My sleepy children draped across my body- those suckers are going to bed before Melissa and Joan take their seats.

Something like this. Love me some throw blankets.

So the question is… #WhoAreYOUWearingMom ? Tweet it, share it on Instagram, or, if you’re a blogger, link up your own post – feel free to copy the graphic at the top of this post. The linkup will be open until Sunday night. This Award Season, let’s celebrate real mom fashion!”

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