Let’s Get Real About Motherhood

When I started this blog, it was mainly to chronicle my experience as a parent, the good, the bad, and the…really bad. There are so many aspects of motherhood that get swept under the rug, and I think that does a disservice to the entire community. My motto is: “Motherhood- let’s talk about this shit!”

So here are some of my favorite posts about the dichotomous aspects of motherhood: the ambivalence, the bittersweet changes, the sleep deprivation, the tedium, and even some of the tender moments. Enjoy!

The Guilt…The Crippling, Mommy Guilt
What I’d Like To Tell My Childless Friends, But Won’t
Mothers In Glass Houses
Mean Mommy
Maybe Mommy Isn’t So Mean After All

Junior High Mommy
The Parade Charade
Postcards From Sleep Deprivation Hell
Is There Anybody Out There?
Weaning: A Bittersweet Ending
Demise of the Fist Pump
Taking Our Time
Mommy Morale Is Low
5 Things I Am Not Proud Of
South of the Border
Mommy’s Monday Meltdown
Deliver Us From Mommui

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