Last year on Mother’s Day, my husband and I stupidly  optimistically decided we should take our kids to a popular chain restaurant. The girls were six years old and 19 months old (without a doubt the worst age for taking a child.. anywhere.) at the time, and although the meal could have been a total disaster, it wasn’t exactly rejuvenating.

I had already complained about the 5 Reasons I Hate Taking My Children To Restaurants, and yet even after our Mother’s Day dinner we continued to suffer from Parent Restaurant Amnesia, repeatedly taking our girls out to dinner and inspiring me to once again reflect on Why It Sucks To Take Your Kids Out In Public. Will we ever learn?


I doubt we will- in fact, though we have no plans and certainly no reservations, I’m certain that this Mother’s Day will find us at yet another sub-par restaurant with our two daughters and all the electronic entertainment options I can cram in my uncool purse. Who else will be joining us in the mass insanity of Mother’s Day public dining?

Here’s the video I recorded last year about our experience- “The Mother’s Day Blues.”

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