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This week’s sentence is: “Speaking from experience, I’m going to give you a little advice on…”

Speaking from experience, I’m going to give you a little advice on family privacy. If you happen to live with young children, be careful what you say. You no longer have any privacy. When my daughter was four or five, “eavesdropping” became her new favorite word, both to say and to do. I rarely talk on the phone when Izzy is around. No matter how quietly I think I am speaking, she will hear me. I have hung up from countless phone calls to see Izzy dart around the corner and inquire innocently, for example,  “Why was Grammy angry with her friend?” When I stare at her incredulously, she replies in a sing-song voice, “Eavesdropping!”

I swear, I have even mouthed words to my husband and she has sneakily interpreted my meaning. The day she learned how to spell was a sad day indeed. No longer could we stealthily ask one another, “Should we go to the z-o-o today?”

Along with learning to spell, her ability to read and write has added another interesting layer onto her eavesdropping. Awhile back I sat at the dinner table talking to my husband, the children suspiciously absent, and I heard muffled giggles from the stairs. Izzy poked her head around the corner and said gleefully, “I’m spying on you!” I rolled my eyes and somehow missed the fact that she was hunched over a notebook, scribbling devilishly for the next hour.

As we got ready for “book club”, that magical time of day when Izzy, Shawn, and I snuggle in bed and read silently to ourselves, Izzy dramatically produced her stack of papers. “Look!” she announced triumphantly, “I’m writing a blog about you!”

The title of her project: "Spy on You" by Izzy

The title of her project: “Spy on You” by Izzy

Sure enough, she had been diligently capturing my activities all evening, down to my persistent coughing, which was notated with a “Ch-ch” in her “blog.” Fortunately, she didn’t overhear anything that was terribly inflammatory or inappropriate. But next time? Who knows.

Mommy: "Honey, what are you doing?"  Daddy: "I was wiping down the counters."  (What a good hubby! He probably paid her to document his kitchen clean-up.)  See those chhchch? That's me coughing.

Mommy: “Honey, what are you doing?”
Daddy: “I was wiping the counters.”
(What a good hubby! He probably paid her to document his kitchen clean-up.)
See those chhchch’s? That’s me coughing.

I flashed back to an old episode of Friends,  in which Phoebe is constantly documenting her friends’ conversations in her journal. When Monica begins to do the same to her, she utters one of my all-time favorite Friends quotes, “I have tasted my own medicine, and it is bitter!”

Here’s a little clip: It has Spanish subtitles and doesn’t actually show my favorite part, but hey, Friends is Friends, right?

Serves me right to have a daughter who, like mommy, loves reading and writing, and has become quite a vivid storyteller. I have showcased some of her finer writing samples here, and I have a feeling she is going to follow in my footsteps, writing short stories, poems, and songs throughout her childhood. There are worse hobbies for a child to have!

So, to honor her storytelling creativity, I am going to let Izzy take over my blog next week. Stay tuned to see what crazy capers she comes up with!

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