*Warning! This is not a real post. Feel free to skip it, unless you are at home on bedrest or laid up in the hospital in traction and need 100 links of stuff to read. Then by all means, dive in. (Disclaimer- I do not actually hope that either of those things has happened to you.)

I was delighted to be featured on When Crazy Meets Exhaustion’s Oversharing Series- stop by and check it out. Please note the theme is “oversharing.” If that’s not your cup of tea, please move on. Consider yourself warned. Unfortunate Observations From the Bathroom

In other news, *today* is the actual day I started my blog a year ago- my “blogiversary” if you will. (And I hope you will. Though I did the “big announcement” on Monday and you’re probably over it. )

Because I adore list-making and looking back on life fondly, I decided to compile a list of my favorite posts from my first year of blogging. (Too much? Too soon? Oh, well.)


Don't worry, I didn't bake myself a cake for the occasion. That's my birthday cake last year. It has Justin Bieber on it. Because, that's funny.

Don’t worry, I didn’t bake myself a cake for the occasion. That’s my birthday cake last year. It has Justin Bieber on it. Because, that’s funny.

My Favorite Posts from My First Year:

Father’s Day: Celebration of Family or Ironic Joke
Izzy’s Restaurant
A Birthday Tribute to my Eldest Child
Hi, I’m Stephanie, and my Children Annoy Me
5 Things I Am Not Proud Of
Dear Management Team At Parenting Headquarters
Junior High Mommy
Mean Mommy
Weaning: A Bittersweet Ending
When Will I Be a Real Grownup?
The Ambivalent Blogger
The Stressaholic Hits Bottom: Why I Hate Mornings
5 Reasons I Never Want To Eat at a Restaurant With My Children Again

Helping Our Kids Cope with Disappointment
Alterna-Swears: What To Say Instead of Using Profanity In Front of Your Children
Things I’d Like to Tell My Six Year Old Daughter and Her Friends
What I’d Like To Tell My Childless Friends, But Won’t
The Mother’s Day Blues
Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children

I felt a little weird about listing these, to be honest. First of all, there is a smidgen of narcissism in listing your favorite accomplishments, no? And second, most “big” bloggers have mentioned that they cringe when reading stuff from their first year. I’ll admit, there is a sampling of garbage in the archives, but at the risk of sounding full of myself, when I went back and scanned my year’s worth of posts, I felt kind of proud. Like I had accomplished something. I even experienced that delightful twinge of nostalgia- “Oh, I had forgotten all about that one!” as though I had stumbled across an old photograph.

Mostly, though, it was fun to do. As I said, I love me a good list. And don’t even get me started on The HerStories Project. My collaboration with Jessica Smock to create this exploration of women’s friendship and motherhood has been one of the most unexpected and rewarding parts of this past year.

I am off on a road-trip today, so send me some good family traveling vibes. Or wine. You can send that, too.

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