It’s the last Monday Listicles of the year!

I’d like to start off this post with a few words of explanation. First off, I am technologically challenged. I have no idea how to get rid of that errant Twitter icon at the bottom of my post; it took much more effort than I would care to admit to figure out how to get these Tweets into this post. Sheesh. 

Secondly, not sure why the formatting of this post is so off. The hell with it.

Thirdly, I would like to thank Kate for suggesting several options for our themes today. I would LOVE to do an 80s theme, but it would take much more time than I have during this long holiday break to do it justice.

 *How do you mommy bloggers with young kids at home all day get your writing done? I have ten more days with no school for the big one and no childcare for the little one, and I have no idea when to get my blogging done. I digress.

So, fortunately for me, there was an alternate theme, Tweets, that I can (sort of) pull off with my limited windows of time to blog. I just joined Twitter three or four months ago, rather reluctantly I might add, and these are my Top Ten Tweets to sum up my life as a Tweeter, wife, and mother.

Oh, and in case you were wondering what is up with me writing out the numbers in the title of this post, I thought it would highlight my alliteration. I’m kind of lame like that.

So, I realize I indicated that this was my last post of the year, but I couldn’t fail to join in on this Listicle, as Kate is one of my favorite blog buddies.

Happy New Year, and excuse my clumsy Tweet-embedded post today!


I think it would be appropriate for my husband to give me a monthly gift to thank me for putting up with his snoring. Every. Night.
 My goal for the new year: try to accumulate more plastic children’s cups. 72 just isn’t enough.


Here’s a question: exactly how many baths does it take to completely remove the glitter from a child’s scalp?
I shaved my legs for the good hubs tonight. That counts as a Christmas present, right?

Note to self: schedule next year’s annual holiday party around my menstrual cycle. Cleaning and baking with PMS is a bad idea.

I can’t tell you how much I love the feeling of crushing Cheerios under my feet. It’s even better when the floor has just been swept.
My husband just spent an hour and a half hanging pictures and art for me. 
I cannot bring myself to tell my 6yo that she did not actually coin the phrase “Bieber Fever.” 

My 6yo daughter: “I love it when you laugh Mommy…your boobs jiggle.”

My one year old just ran across the kitchen floor with her arms open wide to hug her big sis for the first time. Sniff, sniff. <3
My inspiration for many a #sleepdeprivation Tweet

Mommy, for real.
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