Well, that seems like kind of a braggy way to start off my last post of the year, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, I’m not actually claiming that I believe Mommy, for real to be the “Blog of the Year” but I did in fact receive this lovely award from Stacy of Ramblings of an Undiagnosed Madwoman. Just from viewing the title of her blog, I can tell you are intrigued and want to read more. Take my advice and do it, you won’t be sorry. She has great parenting stories to tell, but goes way beyond that, as her blog is far more versatile from a thematic point of view than mine is. I love her weekly features “Music Monday” and “Flashback Fridays”. Oh, and she is not only hilarious, but a great writer too. Big thanks to Stacy!
If you’ve been following me for the past few months, you might remember I got a few other awards this year, and the rules dictate that you list seven things about yourself and pass the award on to someone else.
Well, guess what- this time I shall yet again “bend” the rules for accepting this accolade. You heard me list seven unknown facts about myself here for my first award, and when I got the second one I changed it up to give you seven blogs I loved here, so this time I am going to incorporate my Goals for 2013 into my list of sevens.
So, today’s list is 7 Things I Will Do More or Less of in 2013.

1. I will do more exercising in the new year. Isn’t that one a required goal for the new year? I really don’t give a crap about losing weight or becoming more toned next year- sue me. But it would do great things for my overall stress level, not to mention my back pain. And plus I just bought a great new pair of Yoga pants at an after Christmas sale at the Gap, and it would be humiliating if I only wear them at home. And the grocery store. And to Starbucks.
2. I will do more to find an agent for the book I wrote 3 years ago. OK, saying I will do “more” implies that I was doing anything last year to find an agent and get published. Which I wasn’t. Time to put aside my crippling fear of failure and rejection and get off my ass.
3. I will do less unplanned swearing. Yes, unplanned, not profanity of any kind. Profanity is my vice, and I truly believe it enhances me as a human being. However, I would like to eliminate some of those “swept away in a moment of stress and chaos” expletives that I find slipping out daily from time to time. Perhaps this goal speaks more towards going with the flow and finding serenity and all that noise.
4. I will do more to improve my skills as a blogger. Yes, again, the false implication that I have made any effort in this area is glaringly apparent. I suck at blog design, search engine optimization, coding, and other stuff that I am too ignorant to mention appropriately. I may have to shell out a little money to get an actual professional to help me out in this capacity next year. Julie DeNeen, I am looking at you.
5. I will do less complaining. Never fear, dear reader, I will still complain enough to make this blog worthwhile. But seriously, a little less complaining about my daily irritations, like the mad scramble to get to school-work-childcare on time and the nightly entry into the tenth level of hell, (bedtime) would probably be ok. 

6. I will sing more. Yeah, sure I sing every day as part of my job, but I mean actual grown-up singing around the piano. As is the case with Goal #1, it does worlds of good for my overall happiness and stress reduction.

7. I will waste less time and lose less stuff. (Not sure about the phrasing on that one, but “fewer things” didn’t fit with my more/less theme.) Yes, folks, I will make a better effort to not completely suck at time management in the new year. I will also devote a portion of my day to becoming better organized. De-cluttering would probably be a good first step to eliminating those scramble-around-the-house looking for random shit moments.  I am sure this will directly affect my success or failure in the area of Goal #3. The most important part of this goal will be the ability to have more time to be fully present with my family. Sure, it is unrealistic to really bask in every single moment of life as a parent, but at least more often I would like to feel completely grounded in the moment, free to look into my daughters’ eyes and really be with them.

Happy New Year! By the way, my toddler is clutching a dog chew toy in that picture.

And lastly, I will completely disregard the rules of passing on this award. Well, not completely, I am passing it on to one of the first bloggers I became “friends” with (I sure hope she feels the same way, or I will sit alone in a dark bathroom, drinking wine and crying in humiliation) and whose blog really resonated with me and made me laugh. I already pointed you in her lovely direction with my post about seven blogs I love, but here I go again: Josie of Go Momma! please accept the 2012 Blog of the Year Award.

Since the year is pretty much over, by the power vested in me (by me), I hereby relieve you of your duties to pass this one on to anyone else, nor do you have to write up a clever list by way of acceptance. Unless you really want to.

So, now, to prove I am serious about my goals, I will leave you with a video of me singing one of my favorites, Auld Lang Syne, as a way to wish you a new year, improve the creativity of my blog, (Item 4) and follow through with my intention to sing more. (Item 6)

*Please excuse enjoy the poor quality of this iPhone video, complete with jerky camera maneuvering by my six year old. And yes, I am wearing my new yoga pants. 

Happy New Year, dear friends and readers! I wish you all the best, and I will do what I can to bring you hilarious, inspiring, and horrifying tales of motherhood in 2013!

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