PicMonkey CollageDrNo, I’m not a doctor. I didn’t go to medical school. All of these assertions are merely based on speculation and my extensive study of Grey’s Anatomy. Hey, Lisa at The Dose of Reality, you should let me know if I have totally missed the mark! (On second thought, don’t…)

  1. The sleep deprivation. An inadequate, fragmented sleep schedule is cruel and unusual. Enough said.
  2. Insecurities and competitiveness run amok. Aren’t we always second-guessing ourselves as parents? Don’t we often feel like we have absolutely no idea what we’re doing? How often do we compare ourselves to that mom whose creative preschool snack contribution kicked the ass of our prepackaged granola bars and raisins? Or the mom whose three children behaved perfectly at the restaurant, while yours were flinging ketchup and sugar packets to the four corners. Motherhood can be just as cutthroat as competing with your colleagues for the best internships and surgeries, right?
  3. You all start out sweating over the same entry level courses, but eventually, you pick a specialty. All parents start out at the ground level, consumed by the same poopy diapers, sleep schedules, temper tantrums, and power struggles. And then we diversify. You know- the soccer mom, the marching band volunteer mom, the overachiever-filling-out-applications-for-academic-excellence mom, the mom who doesn’t know/care that her kid is a bully, the helicopter mom, the stage mom, the Girl Scout troop leader mom….the list goes on.
  4. It’s a worthwhile investment, but you’ll be paying for it for years. Financially, physically, mentally, or emotionally- you choose.
  5. You start out feeling undeniably clueless and unprepared, but eventually, you hold someone else’s life in your hands. Is there anything more overwhelming, powerful, important, and terrifying than being responsible for another person’s health and welfare? I think not.


Personally, I’m glad I didn’t go to medical school. This parenting gig is hard enough. That, and I am grossed out by blood, boils, and barf.

Me in college. I wouldn't have done well in med school.

Me in college. I wouldn’t have done well in med school.

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