Do you dread bedtime? Do your kids pull out every trick in the book– the drinks of water, trips to the bathroom, needing a better tuck, afraid of monsters, hungry, forgot Night-Night Bunny downstairs– and leave you longing for your couch and snack of choice? Then today’s ParentZ Bop is for you.

ParentZ Bop


Susan Maccarelli of Pecked to Death By Chickens changed the classic Beach Boys’ tune, “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” and added the addendum: “If Tuck In Wasn’t 45 Minutes Long”. I love it. The original one is probably one of my favorite Beach Boys songs ever (I grew up listening to them- they are my dad’s favorites, so I am rather fond of most of their songs.) and now these lyrics have been stuck in my head for the past week. Even my kids have started singing along when I practice it! (Spoiler alert: cute singing toddler footage at the end of this one…)

I once knew a mom whose daughter had 5 specific bedtime stall tactics she would use in the exact same order every night:

  1. I’m hungry and I need some yogurt.
  2. I’m thirsty and I need some water.
  3. I need to pee.
  4. My butt is itchy.
  5. I scratched my butt and now my finger is stinky and I need to go wash my hands.

It was like a ritual. If you can relate to the Whack-a-Mole bedtime, you will love Susan’s lyrics-  read along while you listen! Oh! And I finally got the sound right. I vow to re-record Don’s fantastic song “Behave” from last time so that it doesn’t sound like crap. But for now, enjoy Susan’s version of “Wouldn’t It Be Nice!”

Wouldn’t It Be Nice (If Tuck In Wasn’t 45 Minutes Long) by Susan Maccarelli

Wouldn’t it be nice if you were older
Then I wouldn’t have to sing 8 songs
And bring in yet another cup of water
Even Catholic Mass is not this long

You’ve got a scratchy tag inside your pjs
Another song request I’m like your Deejay

Wouldn’t it be nice if I could sneak down
Make some popcorn and a sip of Coke
Instead you smell the Whirly Pop and call me
Back to hear your subpar knock knock joke

Story time together we’ve been spending
Like ‘Groundhog Day’ it seems there is no ending
Wouldn’t it be nice

Monsters, shadows, potty breaks and loveys effing up my night
When I think its all good you complain your pull ups are too tight
I could be blogging
But you are still calling

Wouldn’t it be nice

You know the more and more you stall this tuck in
I’ll wash my hands of this and send your dad in
Not afraid to use him
Wouldn’t it be nice

We’ll be back in April with a great song from Lisa of The Golden Spoons!

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