ParentZ Bop

This winter I started a song parody series called ParentZ Bop: Drop the Mic, Mom. It was inspired by Jean of Mama, Schmama‘s hilarious rewrite of the song “Cups”. Jean wrote “Sippy Cups: A Song for Parents” and asked me to record it. An idea was born!

Here are all my song parody videos in the series to date, all in one convenient place! You can follow the links to find the lyrics and read more about the fantastic lyric authors!

From Susan of Pecked to Death by Chickens: Wouldn’t It Be Nice (If Tuck In Wasn’t 45 Minutes Long)

From Don of Don of All Trades: Behave

From Peyton of Suburban Haiku: You Can’t Always Poop Where You Want

From Meredith of Perfection Pending: Eat

From Jean: Sippy Cups





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