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With today’s sentence, the possibilities seemed endless…

Once when I was bored out of my mind…

I decided to write down things my family members and I said that may seem strange to an outsider.

Say What?

Talk about endless possibilities! I realized that if someone was writing down our daily dialogue, you know, like a court reporter or something, it would be highly peculiar and possibly indecipherable. Let’s start with the least intelligible among us first.

Sophie- 17 months oldSmiling Sophie

    • Ut-nuh!  (oatmeal- shouted with great enthusiasm)
    • Guh-gul! (bagel- also shouted in a demanding tone)
    • Nyuk (milk)
    • Hi-nee! (Hiney. Usually said while swiping wildly at her diapered crotch with a bunch of toilet paper.)
    • Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 8.23.18 PM
    • Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 8.21.23 PM
    • See previous post for other choice things Sophie has said this week. 

Izzy- 6 years oldIMG_0272

  • Sophie just threw a potato into the TV!
  • You’re on my last nerve. (Said to Sophie)
  • You can’t hit sissy, but you can hit me on the head with this ball, because it’s made of rubber.
  • I only know one grown-up word: turtleneck. And I have no idea what it means.
  • Knock, knock. (Who’s there?) Why was the girl so famous? Because she was so baaa-eautiful! Get it? Baa- eutiful? (Don’t look at me- I got nothin’.)

Mommy- 34 years old (I know you wanted to know)Mommy- 34 yearecause I knowMommy and Sophie 1

  • Please don’t put your mouth on that trash can
  • Please don’t put your head in the toilet.
  • We’re all done wiping Mommy’s hiney now. (See Item 4 on Sophie’s list. She also enjoys balling up toilet paper and dabbing at my hindquarters when I am using public toilets. Ah, motherhood.)
  • Crayons do not go in our ears.

Daddy- 43 years old. (Hey, it’s only fair.)100_0889

  • Did you give it the smell test?
  • Where are you going with that tupperware? (To Izzy, who was sneaking away mysteriously)
  • Daddy has grown-up ears. I hear everything.

As I was jotting down our perplexing utterances, I noticed a few key phrases that were repeated, by me, over and over. If I had been keeping a tally, I’m pretty sure these are the things I say with the most regularity:

Mommy’s Most Used Phrases

  • Mommy’s coming! (And not in the ironic Miranda from Sex in the City way. Look it up.)
  • I’ll be right there! (see Item #1)
  • Please wait! (through gritted teeth)
  • What’s wrong? (shouted with frustration from another room in the house)
  • Why is Sophie screaming? (usually directed at Izzy.)
  • It’s all right (in a soothing, yet frazzled tone.)

So there you have it- consider yourselves a fly on our wall!

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