In case you are not completely immersed in the mommy blogging culture, as I sadly am, there is a new trend out there known as “Mom Shaming.” Check it out. It is pretty hilarious.  The gist is, in the same spirit as “Dog Shaming” and “Baby Shaming”, moms pose holding signs describing their most embarrassing failings as parents. Here is my contribution:

Get the idea?

You can check out the entertaining Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva’s Shame Corner for some inspirational photos.

I think this is a fabulous idea for many reasons. A few months ago I attempted to have a cathartic experience with my post, 5 Things I Am Not Proud Of . Apparently I am not the only one who experiences a sense of relief when airing my alarmingly prolific piles of dirty laundry. I experience moments like this nearly daily- after observing some disturbing snapshot of my family life, I will shake my head to myself. All I can think is, I have failed. For example:

1.      My one year old has a new favorite toy: her big sister’s plastic “squinky” gum ball machine. One evening she fell asleep clutching it. Squinkies are bullshit.
2.   My six year old jumped up on a chair and yelled, “I’m the Queen of Layaway!” after having seen a certain Kmart commercial too many times.  
3.       My baby recently began picking up the remote control and aiming it at the television. She screams when we take it away.
4.       During a word guessing game, my daughter presented me with the clues, “I’m thinking of a body part. It starts with the letter N. It’s also something we eat. When I continued to be puzzled, she added conspiratorially, “We don’t talk about it.” I gave up and she whispered, “Nuts.” When I inquired where she learned this word, she informed me, “America’s Got Talent.” DOH.
5.       The baby eats a disproportionate amount of carbohydrates. Cheerios, puffs, animal crackers, goldfish, graham crackers. They are just too easy when you are on the go.
6.       I caved too easily and now permit several Disney tween programs to be viewed daily. Jessie is the gateway show. I must not allow My Babysitter is a Vampire.

 Stay tuned for many more Mom Shaming moments to come…I know you’ve got some dirty laundry of your own- feel free to air it here!
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