I have a serious clutter problem, people. I have tried subscribing to different theories and practices to rid me of my inherent laziness and motivate me to try harder, but it’s like dieting for me. OK, fine, I have never dieted due to my fondness for ice cream/cookies/pasta/wine, but I imagine it’s what dieting would feel like. You have a solid couple of weeks or months and then- BOOM. You’re off the clutter-free wagon.

I’ve tried activities where I set a timer and run through my house, frantically throwing things in bags to remove or relocate them. But here’s the problem: I always end up transferring items from one heaping pile of crap to another, telling myself that I’ve organized them. I just don’t know where to put stuff. And the other problem is- I have two children. One of whom, at age 21 months, finds it highly enjoyable to dump out large bins of toys and random plastic objects, and whose older sister is becoming the classic child-who-doesn’t-pick-up-after-herself-even-though-she-is-old-enough. Frustrating. My clean-up motto has become, “Why do I even bother?”

Clean meI need some extra motivation to keep things picked up, and it would really help if I had a place to put some of this stuff that I’m certain we don’t need anymore. Then I discovered Music Magpie.  It’s a site where you can sell your old CD’s, DVD’s, games and more.  As in- they pay you for that stupid Barbie movie you want out of the house right this minute, or the 350 1980s metal CDs your husband has reluctantly agreed to part with. Sell old CDs, DVDs, and games online.The best part is – it’s FREE.  You don’t have to enroll in a program and make a membership payment to get started.  All you do is scan the bar code from the case – you can even use the camera on your laptop or phone- how convenient is that? The site will immediately tell you what the item is worth.  Then, they give you FREE shipping labels, you mail all the items to them and they pay you!  So much easier than e-Bay or Craig’s List, not to mention the trainwreck that is the family garage sale. Shudder.

So now you have two reasons to get de-cluttering- you can purge yourself of the terrible CDs and old kid videos that have been plaguing you for years, and you can make some extra cash! Head over there and check out Music Magpie- you can send anywhere between 10-500 items at a time. You can thank me later.

*This is a sponsored post. I am getting paid to write it, but all content and opinions are mine. 

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