I took a short family vacation last week, as you may or may not recall. My husband and I loaded up the minivan with our six year old, 20 month old, 3 suitcases, 4 pillows, 5 stuffed animals, 3 blankets, a Pack-n-Play, a portable toilet seat, a white noise machine, a booster seat for mealtime, (used one time during trip) a DVD player, a dozen movies, a Leapster, a puzzle that makes transportation sounds, a cookie sheet with magnets stuck to it, (genius, right?) 5 types of sunscreen, and 4 giant bags of food. For 4 nights.

The travel time from our home to Taos, NM is approximately 5 hours, when normal people embark on the journey. By normal I mean “without small children.” We left at 9:20 in the morning and arrived at 4:00 pm. You do the math. We actually didn’t do too badly, considering we got stuck in traffic twice along the way and stopped at 3 McDonald’s. (I wish I was exaggerating for comedic purposes.) Also, this happened:

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 1.24.12 PM

I decided that it would be fun to “live-tweet” our road trip, but the prospect of annoying people with minute-by-minute tweets was daunting to me, being a people-pleaser, so I stuck with the following mid-trip announcements:








Disclaimer: I was not drinking margaritas in the car. That tweet was from our one and only public dining experience. Hence, the much-needed margarita. 


Other visual highlights included:


The daily ice cream visits- both good and bad.




The adorable daddy and toddler naptime while bathed in an otherworldly light:


The discovery that in New Mexico, or at least where we were, they call Speed Bumps “Humps.” And here I thought a “Speed Hump” was something teenagers did. Heh-heh.


All in all, it was a successful trip- we even slept well! Should you be traveling with your young ones for this 4th of July Holiday, heed my advice, and never, never bring a puzzle that makes a siren sound in the car with you. I’m sure you have more festive activities planned than blog-reading this week, so I’m going to let you off the hook and observe some blog silence for the holiday. See you next week! Have a great 4th of July!

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