This has been a great week for my low morale! I have been fighting a cold all week, struggling to find balance and energy for my family, work, and blog, and then out of the blue, I got two awards! It was just the pick-me-up I needed.

I received the Versatile Blogger award from the fantastic G.K. Adams of The Life I Live…So You Don’t Have To! If you are unfamiliar with her work, go check her out. She is a talented writer, and she was truly deserving of her own Versatile Blogger award, as her posts are always so diverse in topic, and yet consistently funny. And then, just to boost my spirits a little more, Stacy from Ramblings of an Undiagnosed Madwoman also gave me this award. Stacy is a refreshingly honest, relatable blogger, and both she and G.K. Adams are part of my fabulous Facebook blogging group; they have been so supportive and helpful!

My pal Kristi of Finding Ninee gave me the Liebster Award, a pretty little thing that I have had my eye on for awhile now. (The award, not Kristi. Although, actually…) Many of you know how I feel about Kristi and her blog, having bestowed upon her The Beautiful Blogger Award, but if not, visit her site and give yourself a treat. She writes often about motherhood, particularly raising her sweet boy who has some developmental delays, but like G.K. Adams, she keeps us on our toes with a great variety of topics. Also, she is hilarious and sometimes indulges us with her entertaining drawings.

Now for the rules, which you all know, I am too superstitious not to follow.

  • First, thank the bloggers who awarded you. Got it.
  • Second:  for the Versatile Blogger, list 7 things about yourself that your readers may not know. Well, I’ve done that before, but in the spirit of following directions, I will give you a modified list of 7 things about me. For the Liebster, you have to answer specific questions. I know, right?
  • Third, pass it on! The number of recipients is a little unclear, so how about 3 for each? Sound good? For those I pass the Liebster to next, you have to answer my own very special questions for you. I’ll do my best to be nice.
  • Last, don’t forget to display your pretty award in your post, and maybe even on your sidebar!

Here are my lists: My twist on the Versatile Blogger is: 7 TV Shows That Aren’t On Anymore That You Probably Didn’t Know That I Loved  (To the next recipients, you don’t have to do it this way. Do whatever you want.)

  1. Gilmore Girls God, I love those girls.
  2. The Closer Kyra Sedgwick kicks ass. In fact, I am in love with the whole cast.
  3. Veronica Mars Yeah, sure it’s a young adult show, but it was riveting. For real.
  4. Sex and the City Nothing else really compares.
  5. The Practice One of my favorite lawyer shows ever.
  6. Jack’s Big Music Show Best kid TV show of the past 10 years. Bring back Jack, for the love of God
  7. Medium Patricia Arquette is underrated.

Now for the special Liebster questions from Kristi: I will try to be succinct.

  1. What is your secret dream? To be a published author, and make my living writing books.
  2. What does your significant other not know about you that a friend does? How many people I have slept with. Weird, huh? My husband doesn’t like to talk about past relationships and won’t go there with me.
  3. If you could have one wish that didn’t earn you money and didn’t magically fix something, what would it be? To go to Disney World every year. Or maybe on a Disney Cruise.
  4. How would you describe your personal style? Lazy. Somebody, please nominate me for What Not To Wear.
  5. What three words do you think your closest friends would use to describe you? sensitive, sarcastic, funny (Or clumsy, hostile, and self-absorbed. Not sure which.)
  6. If your house were on fire, and your family and pets safe, what three items would you attempt to save? My wedding photo album, (predictable, I know, but I am obsessed with pictures) my jewelry box,(containing special necklaces from my husband and a bunch of his mom’s antique jewelry that she gave me) and my iMac. (Because I suck and I am obsessed with it. My husband would probably want to let it burn.)
  7. Do you believe in plastic surgery? I cannot answer with a yes or no; for general purposes, no, I think it is important to embrace the body we have and be comfortable with ourselves- there is a line of vanity that I hope to never cross. Then again, if there is something about you that is making you utterly miserable, you have been in an accident or something, or had a mastectomy- bring it on.
  8. What’s number one on your bucket list? Get a book published. Must do it.
  9. If you had one hour of secret free time, how would you use it? Get a massage
  10. Beer, wine, mixed drinks, water or soda? Wine- red wine, to be specific.
  11. Are you afraid of the dentist? Nope. (At 34, I have never had a cavity. Knock on wood.

I will refrain from gushing excessively over the bloggers I have chosen to pass these awards to. I have gone on long enough and I don’t want you to hate me. Suffice it to say, they are all great writers, interesting bloggers, and will greatly entertain and inspire you. Some of them have been my people for a long time, and I consider them to be friends, and others I am just now discovering and am excited to get to know more.

And now, I pass the Versatile Blogger Award to:

1. Kate from Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine? (Funny, unpredictable, my confidante.)

2. Jessica from School of Smock (intelligent, interesting, captivating)

3. Azara from Tesseract (honest, witty, genuine)

These gals are lucky- they just have to make a quick list of 7 things about themselves, or if they have already done so with a previous award, just link to that post and say thanks!

The fabulous Liebster goes to:

1. Joy from I Can Say Mama (full of heart, inspiring, open)

2. Jane from Nothing By The Book (thought-provoking, intelligent, insightful)

3. Christine from A Fly On Our (Chicken Coop) Wall (genuine, funny, down-to earth)

These ladies are at my mercy, and I will politely invite them to answer the following questions:

  1. Are you superstitious?
  2.  What is your favorite part of the day?
  3. Name something you are really good at.
  4.  Name something you are really bad at.
  5. How much sleep do you need at night to get through your day?
  6. If you could have any job, what would it be?
  7. If you could go on vacation anywhere for free, where would you go?
  8. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
  9. What is your least favorite thing about blogging?
  10. What is your favorite movie?
  11. What is your worst habit?

Thanks, friends, for making me feel better this week- don’t forget to check out my awardees and show them some love!

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