Here’s what’s been happening around these parts for the past few weeks:

retro casette music player and red headphones

Last Monday I did a guest post for my friend Jen’s super-cool website Raised on the Radio. I wrote about my life’s soundtrack, and how music takes me back in time. Read My Auditory Time Machine.


The HerStories Project wants to join your book club! Are you having a hard time choosing your next book? We think talking about friendship makes for an excellent book club discussion, and to get your on your way, we made some Book Club Discussion questions for you! You can buy the book here, and print out the questions here. (And while you’re over there, you might enjoy my story about my first book club ever- an epic FAIL. It’s a good story.)




ParentZ Bop

Last Friday I unveiled my new project- ParentZBop– an opportunity for you to write the lyrics to a parenting parody (Parentdy? No.) of a popular song! You can watch me singing a few silly songs on YouTube, including the song that inspired the whole series- “Sippy Cups”. I’ve gotten some great submissions already, and the first one will be coming up soon! Stay tuned for the first ParentZ Bop performance, with lyrics from Meredith of Perfection Pending!


In other news, I was interviewed by NBC News about how Colorado parents are talking to their kids about the new marijuana legislation. They quoted from my In the Powder Room post “Marijuana is the New Red Wine,” and now I’m worried that people will think I’m the new PTA drug-dealer. Just kidding- I’m not on the PTA. Read the article on here.

Are you following Mommy, for Real on Facebook? If you were, you’d see awesome updates and photos that you might miss on my website.  Well, actually, Facebook has been kind of a jerk again lately, so even if you’re following, you might have missed out. Here you go:


and this:

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 11.00.49 AM

and this:

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 11.00.04 AMThat was the Super Bowl. What a tragedy. Click now to follow Mommy, for Real on Facebook!

So a few weeks ago I had bronchitis, and I just had the pleasure of a 2-day stomach bug. Remember last year when I was SO excited about my Valentine’s Day weekend getaway with my husband and then it sucked ass? I had an ear infection and my eardrum almost exploded. I weaned my baby for that trip, dammit. This year we have the same trip planned, and I’ve been trying not to get excited about it, lest it be a total disaster again. I’m desperately hoping I’ve gotten all my illness out of my system. At least I’m done barfing now… will you do me a favor and send some good vibes to my husband? It would be a real drag if he ended up feeling like crap on our trip this year.

Because I’ll be out of town, I’m unplugging and skipping Finish the Sentence Friday this week. You can link up with our regular hostesses, Kristi, Kate, or Janine!

See you soon for the first ever ParentZBop video!

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