I co-host the Mother + Podcast with Stacey Hutson, where we talk about the gritty reality of raising kids and the impact it has on our identities, creativities, and spark. We dive deep into guilt, ambivalence, and returning to self. Find us on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.


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The Mother Plus Mini Retreat

An afternoon away from your kids that is so life-giving it feels like a weekend retreat.


Need some time alone (But with other women)?

Exhausted after a summer of giving and giving and giving to your kids?

Can’t stop thinking about that class you want to take or that idea you want to work on or that book you want to write?

Carve out a sliver of time for yourself this September 9th at the Mother + Mini Retreat.

Stace and Steph are joining you at the ever-indulgent Nurture WellCare marketplace in Denver for a dreamy (but doable) 4 hours* so we can re-light your fire.

  • Reconnect with yourself and other like-minded mother plussers.

  • Focus on whatever creative project is currently setting your heart on fire (we’re giving you full permission and a sounding board to work ideas off of).

  • Recharge after months of being home with the kids for summer break.

  • Meditate and ground together while we ignite all your senses.

  • Set intentions for the school year ahead.

  • Lay back and enjoy amazing holistic treatments from the highly rated Fuzz Off spa (formerly Haute Mess). Seriously, their reviews are stellar.

  • Indulge in farm to table food and drinks at Denver’s self-care Mecca.

*We’re not talking about an entire week away in Mexico (yet) or even a weekend. We’re talking four hours of time just for you. You owe that to yourself, and you know it. 


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