One of my hidden talents is the frequent and enthusiastic use of superlatives. I’d even go so far as to say I’m the best superlative user ever. It’s also one of my favorite words. Here’s the definition, lest you accuse me of using it incorrectly:

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 12.44.43 PMDid you see Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show premiere on Monday? I especially loved his Olympic Superlatives bit. It reminded me of a fun game I like to play (with myself, obviously) about my own made-up “most likely” yearbook quotes. (Did anyone’s yearbook actually do that? “Most likely to succeed” and all that noise? I’m pretty sure mine didn’t.)

You should totally play along- what would you be voted “most likely” to do? Here are some things I came up with for myself.

I would undoubtedly be voted MOST LIKELY TO: 

  • Trip and fall in a parking lot.
  • Get lost in a parking lot.
  • Inappropriately blurt “JFC” in an parking lot.
  • Use an adverb correctly.
  • Be reading a serious parenting book and a young adult fiction book at the same time.
  • Seamlessly and creatively integrate profanity into an otherwise intelligent conversation.
  • Cry during a soft drink commercial.
  • Embarrass her companions while dancing in public.
  • Clap excitedly when her food arrives at a restaurant.

Big Hat

What would yours be?

  • Most likely to make a creative homemade snack for your kid’s preschool? Or rather,
  • Most likely to bring prepackaged cookies from Costco to your child’s school birthday celebration?
  • Most likely to run a marathon while nine months pregnant (Is that allowed?)
  • Most likely to get into a fist fight with a stranger?
  • Most likely to ruin the pancakes?
  • Most likely to adopt too many homeless pets?

Really, the possibilities are endless. I think there may even be some innate value in participating in this seemingly silly exercise. I mean, we are a culture that readily embraces self-assessment, even if we claim to poo-poo psychoanalysis or pop psychology. Buzzfeed, anyone? Who doesn’t love taking a revealing personality quiz about which 1990s indie rock chick you’d be, what profession you should really have, or which Harry Potter character you are? We love that shit.

So work with me here, and make your own Personal Superlative list. You might even discover some of the beautiful complexities, disparate though they may seem, that make you who you are. Who knew that the Most Likely To Climb a 14-er is also the Most Likely To Have a Public Tantrum at Wal-Mart Over the Out-of-Stock Croutons? (I’m neither of those, FYI. Though I have been known to cry when a store is out of my favorite snack food.) Or, the Most Likely To Pick the Perfect Paint Color is also the Most Likely to Rock the Country Line Dance?

I feel like I should leave you with an Awwww moment, so here goes; I should definitely be voted:

  • Most likely to kiss her children over a hundred times in one day.
  • Most likely to greet her family members with an overly enthusiastic, high-pitched squeal-y voice.

But really, this is more my style-

  • Most likely to laugh at her own jokes.


Speaking of hidden talents, is rewriting song lyrics one of yours? Did you catch our first ParentZ Bop video this week? I won’t make you go all the way back there, so here’s the video right here for your convenience. Meredith of Perfection Pending, inspired by her picky toddler, wrote “Eat Something.” Here I am singing it at the piano:

If you have a brilliant parenting parody idea, email me with the Contact Me form up top. Next week’s song is a real doozy…


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