I am so excited to be guest posting today at Raised on the Radio, a website for music-lovers that I’m proud to say is the brainchild of my fantastic fellow blogger and friend, Jen, of My Skewed View. I’m sharing a recent experience that reminded me of the power of music to transport us to another place and time with just one song.

“As a music therapist, I am well-acquainted with the healing and transformative powers of music. I have witnessed firsthand men and women whose minds were ravaged with dementia clearly singing along to every word of a song I played. They were able to describe to me with great lucidity where they’d lived and who they were with the first time they heard that song. They had re-entered their younger brain-space. Because of a song. But somehow I am continually in awe when music has the same power in my own life to take me back in time….” read more of my guest post at Raised on the Radio here.


Raised on the Radio
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