You guys, I was an awkward tween. And teenager. Honestly, I didn’t feel comfortable in my skin until the end of college, if then. When I was in middle school and high school, I was ridiculously skinny and flat-chested. One of my mom’s friends told me years later, when we were in college, that when he first met me in 6th grade he wasn’t sure how I could walk. Because, you know, my legs were so skinny. (File also under: things I tell my daughter about how being skinny doesn’t mean you feel good about yourself.)

Dear God, deliver me.

But it wasn’t my body (nor my horrible glasses, nor my frizzy perm) that caused me the greatest angst. It was my skin. I started breaking out in elementary school; I remember getting my first blackheads in 3rd grade. (UGH.) And my skin didn’t clear up until I was close to graduating from college and was finally prescribed Accutane as a last resort.

You should never feel self-conscious about your skin at a toga party. Your toga, maybe, but not your skin.

There is no room for acne at the Renaissance Festival!

For those not familiar with the 1990s gem Accutane, every time you take a pill, you pop off the paper back which shows a photo of a pregnant belly with an X through it. As in, if you take this medication while pregnant, it’s not going to turn out well for you. But it worked.

Before taking Accutane, my mom had diligently taken me to the dermatologist over and over, where I tried:

  • Tetracycline
  • Doxycycline
  • Retin-A
  • Differin
  • That weird sulfur treatment paired with the nurse using a tool to squeeze blackheads and whiteheads (They called this “acne surgery,” EW)
  • Stridex, OXY benzoyl peroxide spot treatment, Cetaphil, you freaking name it.

I felt so self-conscious about my skin that I hated seeing my face in photos. As an adult, I never took my skin for granted once it stopped breaking out. Those years haunted me.

The actual worst.

The one thing that is worse than enduring it all over again is watching your child go through it, in my opinion. You know how hard it is for them to feel good in their bodies and skin, to feel comfortable occupying their space. You know how they struggle to really fit in, to feel understood and accepted and seen. And to hate their skin? The worst.

Spotless: Total Acne Game-Changer

A month after I signed up to be a Rodan + Fields consultant, they released Spotless, a new acne treatment for teens. Now remember, these are the Proactiv docs; they completely revolutionized acne treatment. And they are back with a brand new product that has completely new technology that works more effectively than ever. Spotless uses a combination of benzoyl peroxide + oxygen (BPO2 technology) that changes the way the ingredients are delivered. The formula is everything with this product. I could bore you guys with the science (which is really freaking cool by the way) but the results are what most people are interested in. 100% of kids saw improvement. 100. PERCENT. 87% after just ONE use.

I’ve had my 12-year-old on it for several weeks now, and the results are dramatic. I really believe in this product: so much that I’ve given it away to two models already so they can share their before/after results with us as well. (Stay tuned!)

In the meantime, here are our own results:

And a few others, to share the results with different ages/genders/skin tones:

Think of it– swimsuit season! (The back acne!!) PROM! I would LOVE to help your child if they are dealing with acne. This product costs $80 when you enroll as a preferred customer, and it lasts at least 2 full months. So that’s $40 a month, tops, to help your kid have amazing skin–not too bad!

Two other things that make Spotless awesome:

  1. It’s only 2 steps. For teens who aren’t exactly compliant with a complex skin care routine, this helps a lot!
  2. There’s a 60-day, empty bottle money back guarantee, which makes it risk free!

You can order it here, and the first 3 people to place a PC order will get a 3-pack of my favorite product samples for MOMS, too!

Please leave me a comment, message me on FB, or email me at if you have questions or want more information. And if you’ve ever considered supplementing your income with a part-time, at-home gig, now is a great time: think how many people with tweens/teens in your life you could help with this product! And consider this: If you could go back in time and get in on Proactiv, knowing what you know about it 20 years later, would you do it? Now is your chance!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my collage of horrible photos of myself during my awkward years, and if you want to help your kids avoid this particular brand of hell, let’s connect! So much of our kids’ safety and happiness is out of our control, but this we can change: helping our kids feel comfortable in their own skin.

OK, fine, here’s one more for your enjoyment:

I mean, the cow pajamas. And slippers. WHAT.

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