Today is Day Two of Izzy’s Blog Takeover! Yesterday she filled us in on 10 things she bought with her own money, as part of the Monday Listicles. To demonstrate that she is truly immersed in the blog culture, today Izzy will be answering some questions posed to me during an infamous game of “blogger tag.”

Roshni and Josie both “tagged” me a few weeks ago; basically this means that they answered a handful of questions about themselves, and then passed them on to me to answer. Then my good friend Kate gave me the coveted Liebster award, which of course involves answering more questions. You all have patiently read (or skipped) my posts in which I have answered blog questions here, here, and here, so I will spare you the experience of snoozing though my responses this time.

Instead, Izzy will be answering a conglomeration of the three sets of questions I was given, and then she will appoint some of her favorite people to receive her Special Award. Get ready for this highly anticipated:

Interview with a First GraderIzzy snow

  1.  If you could get any kind of pet, what would it be? Izzy: A dog.
  2. What is your favorite TV show? Izzy: Austin and Ally
  3. What is the grossest thing you have ever eaten? Izzy: Um… (tapping lip thoughtfully) Let’s see…that would be- lasagna! Me: (both laughing and chagrined) Izzy: (wildly giggling) I’m serious! I do not like lasagna! (pauses) I love these questions!
  4. What is your favorite movie? Izzy: Oooh, that’s a hard one! Think, Izzy, think! Let’s see….Brave!
  5. When was the last time you told a lie? Izzy: I don’t want to say that! I barely ever tell lies. Me: Hmmm. Izzy: (shaking head) I don’t tell lies. OK, I just told a lie! Me: (shaking with laughter) Izzy: OK, that’s the last time I told a lie. Are you writing it down? Good. Speaking of, the grossest food I ever had was lasagna. Classic. (She said classic, not me.)
  6. What was the worst injury you ever had? Izzy: What’s your opinion- my knee one or eyelid one? Me: What about the time you fell off the swing and cut your mouth? Izzy: Yeah, that’s a good one.
  7. What’s your favorite thing to bake? Izzy: That is the most easiest question in my whole entire life. Cakes! (whispering) Cakes are delicious.
  8. Where were you born? Izzy: (flatly) Colorado.
  9. When was the last time you cried? Izzy: Today. Me: Why? Izzy: Because I couldn’t find a good backpack at Target. Me: (laughing) Izzy: I still think lasagna’s funny. LASAGNA!
  10. What are your three favorite drinks? Izzy: Smoothie! I love those things to death! Izzes- because that’s my name. What drinks have I had in my life? (Gasping and grabbing my pen) Fizzy drinks! Can I post a picture? They probably don’t know what fizzy drinks are. Me: I don’t know what fizzy drinks are. Izzy: What are they called? (Daddy intervenes)  Sparkling water? Yes- thank you.
  11. What’s your favorite book? Izzy: That’s a hard one. Cinderella Ate My Daughter. Me: (exclaiming in surprise, as that is an adult book sitting on my bookshelf. A great read by Peggy Orenstein, by the way.) Come on! Izzy: Are you writing that down? Please don’t. Junie B. Jones and Her Big Fat Mouth.
  12. Would you like to be a pirate? Izzy: No.
  13. What makes you laugh? Izzy: (giggling and covering her mouth.) When my little sister peed on the floor. One time she peed out an apple seed! (This is not exactly accurate.)
  14. What do you do for fun? Izzy: Play with my BFF. Trap my sister in the closet. Me: Oh. Izzy: That is fun. Me: Anything else? Izzy: Oh, is there anything that says what makes me sad? Me: No, but we can add one. Izzy: Taking baths. Me: What? Izzy: Oh, one more thing. Getting trapped in my room makes me sad. Me: When has that ever happened? Izzy: When I get in trouble and I go to my room. Me: That’s not being trapped. (At this moment, Izzy becomes irate when she notices my frantic scribbling.) Izzy: What? Are you writing whatever I say? That’s inappropriate.
  15. What’s your favorite kind of ice cream? Izzy: Cookie dough. Me: That’s a good one.
  16. What’s the farthest from home you’ve ever travelled? Izzy: Disney World.
  17. Do you have a special talent? Izzy: Singing. Me: That’s for sure. (Izzy begins to sing Taylor Swift’s We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together.)
  18. What’s your favorite song? Izzy: How many songs can I choose? Me: As many as you want. (Backpedaling quickly…) Three. Izzy: I Knew You Were Trouble (also by Taylor Swift. This is news to me.) Me: hope not Gangnam Style. Izzy: Yes! Gangnam Style! Me: Good God. Daddy: What about Firework? (Katy Perry- one of her favorites since last year.) Izzy: No. Me: (shocked and saddened) What? Izzy: Home. Me: Oh! (feeling proud) By Phillip Phillips?
  19. What’s your favorite cereal? Izzy: Froot Loops. Me: How many times have you eaten those? Izzy: How many times have we stayed at hotels? Me: I don’t know. Ten? Izzy: Ten times.
  20. Do you secretly like anyone? Izzy: Oh brother! Can I say people who are in love with me? Daddy: No. Izzy: Oh, poo. Oh B-E-N-. S-A-M. Uh, nobody. Me: Seriously? Izzy: (blushing and pretending to lock her mouth and throw away the key.)
  21. What are you looking forward to? Izzy: Going to Philadelphia. Me: Huh? (confused, as she has never mentioned Philadelphia before, and we don’t know anyone that lives there.
  22. When were you disappointed? Izzy: I was disappointed when…my little sister…put her hand in the toilet. What are we doing tomorrow for the interview?

Izzy has chosen to bestow her Special Award on the following friends and loved ones: Haley, Lauren, Sophie, (her sister-aw!) Hammy, (using her pet name for Grammy) Mrs. G., (her first grade teacher) Ms. L., (her classroom student teacher) Anthony, (because he knows a lot about sports) Megan, Anna, Harley, and...(can you say a baby? )Weston. (because he’s cute)


My miniature partner in crime.

She cried when I told her we were done with the interview. I told her she could come up with one more post for the week, in which we could talk about whatever she wanted. As of this writing, I still have no idea what that will be… stay tuned for Izzy’s final broadcast!

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