In case you missed it, my six year old daughter Izzy, enterprising young writer that she is, will be taking over my blog until Friday this week. I am altering today’s Monday Listicles topic just slightly. Instead of 10 Dumbest Purchases, Izzy’s topic today will be 10 Things I Bought With My Own Money. Huh. Come to think of it, those topics aren’t so different after all…

*Before we started, Izzy got very nervous. She was worried about having her picture in the blog, and I told her we didn’t have to take her picture. That made her feel better. Without further ado, may I present…

10 Things Izzy Bought With Her Own Money

  1. Neck pillow Me: You have a neck pillow? Izzy: Well, it’s broken now. But I really liked it, and I bought it with my own money. *According to my husband, the neck pillow broke immediately after purchase, hence, I never knew of its existence. 
  2. Glow sticks Me: Why do you like those? Izzy: Well, because there was a whole entire bag of them. Do I have to write why I like them? MeNo. 
  3. Bubble soap Izzy: I bought bubble soap, but I didn’t enjoy it. (Waving her hand frantically at me.) Don’t put down bubble soap.
  4. Note cards Izzy: Does it count if Grammy bought it, but it was from the dollar section anyway? Me: Sure. Izzy: OK. Note cards.
  5. To/From Tags Izzy: What else did we buy from the dollar section? Me: Didn’t we buy To/From tags? Izzy: Oh yeah! Me: Did you like those? Izzy: Mmm-hmm. I wrap gifts with them sometimes.
  6. Noise Putty (Izzy temporarily loses her train of thought. She needs some help to gather an idea. Daddy joins us on the couch.) Daddy: At the museum, you bought some noise putty. Izzy: (excitedly) Noise putty! Noise putty! Me: So, for people who don’t know, what is noise putty? Izzy: It makes farting noises. Me: Hmm. Is that fun? Izzy: (breathlessly) Yeah.
  7. Spinner Izzy: Also put down spinner. Me: I think we should put in a picture so people can understand what the spinner is. It’s easier that way. You don’t have to be in the picture, don’t worry. Izzy: Actually, I want to be in some pictures. (Daddy interrupts us, trying to prematurely move on, suggesting we talk about books.) Me: Hold on, one thing at a time. Why is the spinner special? Izzy: I bought it at Disney World. 

    The Minnie Mouse "spinner" that lights up and spins. It probably cost $20 at Disney World.

    The Minnie Mouse “spinner” that lights up and spins. It probably cost $20 at Disney World.

  8. Lizard Snapper Izzy: Did you put down lizard snapper yet? Me: Huh? Oh, no. Izzy: Oh, can we put a picture on so they can see? I want to be in all the pictures mostly. How many more do we need?

    The grabber thing we got at the Museum. It may actually be a dinosaur, not a lizard.

    The grabber thing we got at the Museum. It may actually be a dinosaur, not a lizard.

  9. Some unnamed book Me: Daddy mentioned books earlier. Have you bought books with your own money? Izzy: Oh, lots! Can I talk about my hobbies? Me: We’ll talk about those in our next interview- for Tuesday. Izzy: Can I tell you my four hobbies? Reading, singing, dancing…. I have no idea what my fourth hobby is. Me: (scribbling furiously) Izzy: Are you putting down my hobbies? We’re not on hobbies yet! We’re not supposed to do hobbies yet!!!! Me: Are we done with books, then? Izzy: Yeah.
  10. Cabbage Patch Doll Izzy: That carousel! (referring to some plastic piece of crap discarded years ago.) Me: How about your Cabbage Patch doll? Izzy: My Cabbage Patch doll! Me: Do you want to talk about your Cabbage Patch doll? Izzy: No. Me: What do you do with them? Izzy: (with noticeable attitude and disdain.) Play with them. (Duh, Mommy!) I play restaurant.

Izzy is dying to get on with our next blog post, in which I interviewed her and asked a series of questions posed to me by my fellow bloggers who have either “tagged” me or passed on awards to me. I thought Izzy’s answers to these questions would be far more entertaining than mine. (I was right. After nearly 40 minutes of “interviewing” her, I was beside myself.) Stay tuned to read Izzy’s highly entertaining and insightful responses to my probing questions.

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