Monday Listicles Time!

Today’s Listicle is brought to you by The Bonny Bard, and the theme happens to be 10 Reasons Why I Am Great. This timing is a bit unfortunate, since my last post pertained to my blog award and listed 7 things about me, many of which were reasons I am great.

But, I will suck it up and list 10 MORE reasons why I am great.

1. I am a music therapist. For those who don’t know, you should check out the website for more reasons on why this profession is fantastic in and of itself. Music therapy is the clinical use of music to achieve a non-musical goal. In my career, I have worked with children who have a variety of special needs, including autism, Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy, and other developmental delays. Currently I teach early childhood music classes for typically developing infants through preschoolers.

2. I have an outstanding vocabulary. Seriously, I can use the “f” word in a variety of dazzling and versatile contexts. Ask anyone.

3. I am affectionate. I hug, kiss, and cuddle my girls daily, and tell them several times a day how much I love them. I would do the same more often to my husband, but he gives me strange looks. As a sidenote, he is the opposite of me in terms of emotional expressiveness, and it took him TWO WHOLE YEARS to tell me he loved me. Wait, I think I’ve mentioned that before. Perhaps I need to work this out with a therapist.

4. I am not too proud to admit I have spent some time in therapy. In fact, I think therapy is fabulous and everyone in the world would be a little better off if they worked with one, even just a few times. It never hurts to take a closer look within, right?

5. I make the best holiday treats ever: Oreo balls. I have more friends than I probably would if I didn’t make these goodies each holiday season; nobody would risk severing ties with me, lest they miss out on the opportunity to enjoy my Oreo balls at my annual holiday party.

6. Speaking of the holidays, I write a mean annual holiday letter. My loved ones must look forward to my yearly collection of inappropriate references, like last year when I indicated that my 3 month old’s primary interest was my boobs. (Sadly, one year later, we haven’t come that far.)

I have loads of Christmas spirit…unlike this tiny reindeer.

7. Let’s keep this theme going: I am FILLED with holiday spirit. I am certain that I enhance my family’s Christmas season with my festive cheer, tendency to sing carols every day, unabashed glee when buying/wrapping gifts, and collection of red and green attire. Festive is my middle name.

8. I am the first to admit my shortcomings, as a person and a parent. See item 4. I believe our community is only stronger when we share our hardships, hangups, and downright failures. (Mine include craft abilities, spatial skills, and ability to abstain from using profanity. Wow, I feel better already.)

9. I take a lot of pictures, display them with creativity, and compile one hell of a Walgreens photo book. Perhaps that goes along with my fondness for memoir (see above blog award link) but I think it is extremely enjoyable to capture our family’s journey and reflect on it fondly through photographs. If I didn’t pick up the camera, no one would.

10. I am hilarious. That’s right, I’m not too humble to admit it. My husband delights in every single minute we share, thanks to my nonstop witty banter, entertaining commentary while watching TV shows and movies, and colorful play-by-play reactions to the contents of our toddler’s diapers.

See you  next Monday, friends!

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