I love having a fifth grader. My daughter is fun and smart and savvy and actually helpful (I know, it will happen for you, too, toddler mama!) to me quite often. But there are some crazy challenges about raising a ten-(almost eleven) year-old girl.

First of all, “Growing and Changing” is fully underway. This is that unit, my friends. The talk. The sex education/puberty unit. And my daughter and I are having some seriously deep conversations, almost daily, about what they learned. For that I am supremely grateful. Awkward though it may be to discuss ejaculation and whether squirrels have sex (yes, both recent conversations we’ve had), I am so happy she feels comfortable talking with me about it.

Then there is 5th grade girl friendship issues. Sigh. Read more about that here.

And then enter in technology. We have had SO MANY conversations about her friends who have phones (she doesn’t and really wants one), apps her pals use that I’m not comfortable with, online safety . . . it can be super overwhelming. We aren’t ready for a phone quite yet, but know it is coming soon. She has an ipod of her own, which she loves, and the kids use technology at school ALL the time. She asks me a lot of questions, and to be honest, I mostly feel like I have no idea what I’m doing. At all. Like I’m making it up as I go.

I’ve read a lot of books, articles, blog posts, and the person who has helped me the most is Galit Breen, author of Kindness Wins. Her course, Raise Your Digital Kid is practical and do-able, full of concrete ideas and tips, and most importantly it is REAL and compassionate. She teaches parents about setting limits realistically and with clear understanding, encouraging open communication with kids, and finding a balance between tech and tech-free time.

And she doesn’t make technology the enemy either, which is refreshing. Her articles, handouts, checklists, and classes have given me a lifeline to feel like I am actually competent to navigate technology with my daughter. (Huge exhale)

Her latest version of Raise Your Digital Kid releases May 15th, and there is still time to sign up! I am signing up myself again, just simply to go through the class with new people and to see what extra goodies she has added. Here’s an idea: let’s do it together!

If you are raising an elementary school aged kid and feel like you have no idea what you should be saying “NO WAY!” or “Sure, that sounds good!” to when it comes to technology, devices, and apps, take Raise Your Digital Kid with me and give yourself a road map complete with a supportive community.

Click here to get a free downloadable checklist and then sign up for the class after you click to download your free resource. Super easy! Also, the class has lifetime access so if you find yourself ridiculously behind, don’t worry at all! You can learn all about the class here.

I’ll see you in class on May 15th– let’s tackle this stuff together!


**I am an affiliate for this course, which means I receive a commission when you enroll. However, I only promote courses I truly believe in, and I am absolutely taking it myself this month!!

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