I rarely post on the weekends, but I figured, today is a slow day, so what the hell? Why not do that fancy “weekly wrap-up” thing all the cool kids are doing?

Last night I took my first grader to the talent show at her school. I have to say, these events often make me feel emotional; there is something about watching all those kids performing so bravely on stage, and knowing how proud and nervous their parents must be. Also, whenever I take my daughter to a live performance, her enthusiastic clapping nearly breaks my heart. She sits up so tall, and claps so vigorously and thoughtfully. Plus, at some point she often curls up in my lap, an occurrence I know will disappear sometime in the not so distant future.

The highlight of the performance for me was when a sixth grader performed her rendition of the Bruno Mars hit, “Lazy Song”. I was terribly curious how she would edit the inappropriate sex reference, and loudly guffawed when she sang, “I’ll meet some really nice friends, we’ll have some really nice Chex.” and held up a bag of Chex Snack Mix. You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

Anyway, our exciting weekend plans include personal and household maintenance for the following reasons:

So, here’s what I’ve been up to this week in case you missed it.

On Monday, I courageously shared the contents of my embarrassing Diaper Bag with you.

On Wednesday, I attempted to be helpful with a post featuring my favorite strategies for Keeping Your Cool during stressful parenting moments.

On Thursday, in direct contrast to Wednesday’s post about how patient and awesome I can be, I featured Mean Mommy as part of my Mommy’s Favorites Archived posts.

On Friday, I co-hosted the fabulous Finish the Sentence Friday link-up, and shared a story of my most memorable Valentine’s Day, complete with a Mommy-guilt inspired soiree.

Also on Friday, I hopped over to The Epistolarians to share a love story. If you are interested in learning more about my family’s slightly non-traditional history, read more here.

See you next week! Have a tolerable, if not mind-blowing, weekend!

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