Hi all…I will make this a quick one, as it’s Easter weekend and you guys have better things to do. Like run to Walgreens for a bunch of plastic crap and candy, and frantically hide eggs around your backyard. We had a double-whammy this week: a visit from the Tooth Fairy and The Easter Bunny. I’m pretty sure we’re not getting paid enough for this gig.

Anyway, here are a few updates from my blog world.



We started the week with another HerStories friendship essay from my real life friend Hollie. In case you missed it, check it out here:

Friends are the Families We Choose For Ourselves: My “Sole” Sisters


In other HerStories news, we are having our first giveaway! Head on over to School of Smock to read Wendy Heckert’s unique poem, Love Me Friendly, and enter to win a book! We are giving away Shasta Nelson’s book Friendships Don’t Just Happen!: The Guide To Creating a Meaningful Circle of Girlfriends. All you have to do is leave a comment to be entered- you can leave one on Jessica’s page, or leave one here today, and we will enter your name in the drawing to win this great friendship book! Easy, right?

I also wrote about our daycare experience for our toddler: Why I Feel Good About Sending My Toddler to Daycare. We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful place for our child to learn and make friends.

I was lazy and took the easy way out for Finish the Sentence Friday. Instead of writing about a celebrity I wanted to hang out with, I wrote this: I Would Rather Eat By Myself.

One of my posts was featured on Power of Moms, which was really exciting! You should head over and check out their site- they have a lot of wonderful insights and ideas for how to be a more deliberate parent. You can read my article here: 3 Strategies for Keeping Your Cool.

In other blog news, I have been a total slacker. For those not fluent in blogspeak, bloggers are fond of giving each other awards to acknowledge work they appreciate- it’s kind of a virtual pat on the back. Several of my amazing blog friends have given me awards in the past month(s) and I am only now getting around to acknowledge and thank them! I’m so embarrassed, ladies! Thanks for your patience and understanding!

A couple awesome ladies gave me this award, The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Big thanks to One Funny Motha and Marcia at Menopausal Mother! They both have really interesting and entertaining blogs, and if you are on Twitter, you’re probably already familiar with the hilarious tweeting of One Funny Motha.veryinspiringblogaward




Katia at I Am The Milk, one of my favorite mama bloggers, gave me the Liebster Award! I think she is such a great writer, so honest and real, and it really made my day! Go check out her beautiful writing about motherhood and beyond!

Finding Ninee

Roshni of Big A and Little a, another mama blogger and extremely intelligent writer, bestowed upon me the Inspiring Blogger Award. She has such great ideas and I am always so impressed with her ideals and integrity. (Wow, that was four “I” words in one sentence…) Thanks Roshni!

inspiring blog award 

OK, if you haven’t all fallen asleep or left to refill your coffee, remember to leave me a comment here, or at Jessica’s page, to be entered in our book giveaway drawing! One word or one sentence- insightful, rude, or boring, is all it takes!

Happy Easter, everyone! I wish you happy kiddos, nice weather, and a relaxing weekend!

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